Thursday, 25 July 2013



 This entry is for my second Personal Log..

We must respect each other,rich or poor,it's not be a cause for we not respect or talk each other.Also don't arrogant because if we help others,maybe one day have someone will help us when we have problem.As example,little tailor give a food at old women.Also protect each other,when someone in afraid,we must protect and give a strenght advise.It can help to reduce her afraid.don't busybody with other problem.but if we can help to settle it,we can help,if cannot help,just quiet.We also must keep other secret  with full of believe,loyalt with our partner.Don't angry with no proof and don't judge easily.the girl is very lucky who will married king because it will give happy until end of life.Many benefit when we have responsible partner with respect and help each other,our life will happy.

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  Hey u all,today miss Zue tell us about Test Role Play,miss Zue ask we to calculate from number 1-14,..I got partner with Siti Norasiah Bte Yusof.., today we all need to practise,me and my partner is the first group that miss Zue called to practise..we do the practise just simple and miss Zue say that our perfoments quiet bored.I just hope the real test i can do more better than that..wish us luck.. :)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


                  ASSALAMUALAIKUM W.B.T

Today we had a test 1,okey.. I very nervous because mark from this test will calculate in Final..
I must do the best,.
After the Test end,Miss Zue tell us about our seconds PERSONAL LOG..
I hope i can settle it more better.. :)


                              ASSALAMUALAIKUM W.B.T


ELC 120

                                  THE HUSBAND AND THE PARROT

      I think I don't really like the husband because his very love his wife and control his wife very much..,until buy a parrot only because he want know what his wife do at home when he out for work..But the parrot tell her husband the false thing..until her husband not trust at her..,
I think her husband quick annoying because do his wife like that..,If I is his wife,i will fell same thing with his wife..His wife very angry and put a paper around the parrot until the parrot tell her husband false thing until the husband kill the parrot..the husband very regret about that.
So,the conclusion we must trust and love our partner..when we trust each other,we will not worried to work far away from our partner..we also cannot trust at animal that we care for see and tell us the really thing..,Animal not same with people..

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                        ASSALAMUALAIKUM W.B.T

Today in the class,Miss Zue ask we to follow all my classmate blog and everyone must have 8 entry..,
Yeahh ! I still not settle yet post all my story in my blog..hahaha
One more thing that Miss Zue tell us is,we all need to open our MYLINE and do PRACTICE 1..
After that,Miss Zue ask we to do online exercise..And the last one,we all get a assigment..,
It's about PERSONAL LOG,the tittle is 'THE HUSBAND AND THE PARROT'..
The HARDCOPY must submit on 17 JULY and before 18 JULY,we must do SOFTCOPY and put in the blog..
Okay,I must settle it as soon as possible.. :)


                               ASSALAMUALAIKUM W.B.T

Hey guys,today i have a Debate..Miss Zue ask we all to do Debate..,I quick nervous..
Miss Zue divide us into 4 groups,2 groups will be OPPONENT and another 2 groups will be GOVERMENT..My groups will be OPPONENT..Miss Zue give different tittle,my group get the tittle ' IT IS CALL CHEATING IF YOUR GF/BF/HUSBAND/WIFE LIKE/COMMENT ON OTHER GIRL/BOY STATUS/COMMENT/PHOTOS ? '
But when we all already at infront for do the Debate,we all have a bit misunderstanding with our tittle..,
My group quick slow to do the Debate because we need to discuss when the GOVERMENT talk to my group..,But,i think this is new experiense and i will do more better after this..,

This is my group member..,


                                              ASSALAMUALAIKUM W.B.T

 Today in the class,Miss Zue teach how to register our online practise and exercise at 'Q ONLINE PRACTICE'.. This register using code at the back of our English text books but have a few my friends not buy text book and Miss Zue very angry with them..,
Seriusly,i quick confius with that register because using a few code.., But very thankful because have friends that teach me.., After this,we will always do online practise.. 



Hey guys,today Miss Zue very angry because almost half of my friends come late to the class..
She want punish who come late with pay RM 1.00..,
After that,Miss zue divide us into 5 groups,we all need to do role play from 'P.RAMLEE' movie.
In the group,we need to discuss about story and scene that we need to acting..My group decide to acting about '3 WIVES' and scene at the garden when three of P.Ramlee wife having their tea together..

All members group have own character :
  1) Azam = P.Ramlee
  2) Nadia = first wife
  3) Zura = second wife
  4) Nabila = third wife
  5) Ain Nabila = P.Ramlee father in law
  6) Hajar = nurse

At the end of class,Miss Zue ask all groups to decide the best actor and actress and the best group.
Most of my classmate choose Anne and Azam as the best actor and actress.., And group one and two is the best group..Congratulation my friends..I very enjoy this class... :)

Monday, 15 July 2013


                   ASSALAMUALAIKUM W.B.T

Hey guys, we learn about WHY DO PEOPLE FOLLOW FASHION TRENDS ?
miss zue ask we about our favourite designer and what is the new stuff that we had..have a few my classmate answer that..,after that we needed to do listening exercise,we must listen carefully and answer the question in text book..,


                                 ASSALAMUALAIKUM W.B.T

    morning guys,today we had a presentation..we must story the little bit about my partner..
   we must story a little bit about he name and a little bit about he also four true fact but the one of them must    be a lie.. all my friends already done presents about their partner,but me not settle yet because my partner 
   not come to the partner is AHMAD LOTFI BIN MOHAMED.. 
   After all my friends finish present,miss zue ask we to take out a piece of paper n write thing that will make      other one SHOCKING about ourself..after that we must do a aeroplane and fly it to the            
  end,each student must have one aeroplane and must take other friends plane..We must keep that            aeroplane and cannot open it until next class..



  Today our class at CLL3,this is a computer lab..yeahh.. :)
the first thing that miss ask we to do is open students portal and do the ENTRANCE SURVEYS..
miss ask we to do at all subject that we taken,not only ELC..,
In the same time,miss zue ask new students from seconds intake to intoduce herself to all new friends..,