Wednesday, 17 July 2013



Hey guys,today Miss Zue very angry because almost half of my friends come late to the class..
She want punish who come late with pay RM 1.00..,
After that,Miss zue divide us into 5 groups,we all need to do role play from 'P.RAMLEE' movie.
In the group,we need to discuss about story and scene that we need to acting..My group decide to acting about '3 WIVES' and scene at the garden when three of P.Ramlee wife having their tea together..

All members group have own character :
  1) Azam = P.Ramlee
  2) Nadia = first wife
  3) Zura = second wife
  4) Nabila = third wife
  5) Ain Nabila = P.Ramlee father in law
  6) Hajar = nurse

At the end of class,Miss Zue ask all groups to decide the best actor and actress and the best group.
Most of my classmate choose Anne and Azam as the best actor and actress.., And group one and two is the best group..Congratulation my friends..I very enjoy this class... :)

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