Wednesday, 17 July 2013


                               ASSALAMUALAIKUM W.B.T

Hey guys,today i have a Debate..Miss Zue ask we all to do Debate..,I quick nervous..
Miss Zue divide us into 4 groups,2 groups will be OPPONENT and another 2 groups will be GOVERMENT..My groups will be OPPONENT..Miss Zue give different tittle,my group get the tittle ' IT IS CALL CHEATING IF YOUR GF/BF/HUSBAND/WIFE LIKE/COMMENT ON OTHER GIRL/BOY STATUS/COMMENT/PHOTOS ? '
But when we all already at infront for do the Debate,we all have a bit misunderstanding with our tittle..,
My group quick slow to do the Debate because we need to discuss when the GOVERMENT talk to my group..,But,i think this is new experiense and i will do more better after this..,

This is my group member..,

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