Thursday, 25 July 2013



 This entry is for my second Personal Log..

We must respect each other,rich or poor,it's not be a cause for we not respect or talk each other.Also don't arrogant because if we help others,maybe one day have someone will help us when we have problem.As example,little tailor give a food at old women.Also protect each other,when someone in afraid,we must protect and give a strenght advise.It can help to reduce her afraid.don't busybody with other problem.but if we can help to settle it,we can help,if cannot help,just quiet.We also must keep other secret  with full of believe,loyalt with our partner.Don't angry with no proof and don't judge easily.the girl is very lucky who will married king because it will give happy until end of life.Many benefit when we have responsible partner with respect and help each other,our life will happy.

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  1. I learn something from your personal log...good job hajar...keep up ;)